Summer SlimDown Contest Completion Form

By submitting the Certificate of Completion Form you will:
  • Be entered into a drawing for one of twenty $100 Corporate Reward Gift Cards* (if you maintained or lost weight).
  • Earn Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points (HLAPs) based on your weight loss success. 
    • Maintain within 2 lbs. of initial weight and already be within a healthy BMI 25 or below: 20 HLAPs
    • Lose 2 - 4.9% of initial weight: 25 HLAPs
    • Lose 5% or greater of initial weight: 30 HLAPs
Calculating your results:
  • beginning weight – ending weight = pounds lost
  • (pounds lost ÷ beginning weight) x 100 = percent weight lost
BMI & Body Fat % Chart
Please submit this within 30 days of your weigh-out date for credit.

*All gift cards are subject to tax.
* indicates required
Please enter your EIN.
Please enter the date in which you weighed-out
Please select from the following based on your weight results.
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